The Best Mac for Music Production

When it comes to music production, an iMac is ideal.With technology getting better and better, we no longer need to hire out professional studios to produce great quality music. As a matter of fact, the recording quality created in home recording studios is so impressive that it might surprise you. However, home recording studios need some high quality equipment if they are to be capable of producing high quality of sound.

The first piece of equipment that the studio needs is a PC and this is usually a personal choice of the user. Apple’s Macs have become very popular in recent years and they’re extremely popular for the function of music production. But should you go for a laptop or a complete desktop PC? You could either go for one of the new Macbooks or you could buy the iMac that comes in the desktop form. This brings us to the question what is the best mac for music production?

Finding the Best Mac for Music production

Macs are just brilliant. They look awesome, are easy to use and you just feel good when you’re using them. However, don’t assume that they’re the norm when it comes to producing music because there are plenty of other computers that will do the job too. But, let’s not get into that because we’re talking about Macs today.

In my opinion, this is a direct contest between the latest Macbook Pro and the iMac because of the power both of these computers hold. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages but again, they are extremely powerful. But there is a far more powerful Mac that most haven’t even heard about and that is the Mac Pro. I’ve mentioned that there should be a direct competition between the Macbook Pro and the iMac because these are expensive but still can be afforded by some people. However, when it comes to buying a Mac Pro, you’ll need around 3000 bucks. This seems a lot but it’s a worthwhile investment because this Mac Pro has everything you need for music production.

While the Macbook Pro is lightweight and portable, it’s decent for music production at best. In comparison, the iMac has a large screen and is extremely quiet but again it’ll be decent for producing music but not the best computer out there. For that, you’ll definitely need the Mac Pro and I’ll give you the exact reasons.

Firstly, this is Apple’s most powerful computer and it comes in the desktop form. It’s extremely powerful because it comes with a 12 GB of RAM and 3.76 GHz Quad-Core processor. It also comes with lots of different parts, which will be extremely convenient for your intense producing sessions.

You also have a 256 GB SSD (solid state drive), which doesn’t have any moving parts. This means that when compared to normal drives, this will be a lot faster. These features mean that there should be no issues for you when it comes to the speed and storage space and you’ll easily be able to do your recordings and download all kinds of plugins. In addition to these features, the Mac Pro is completely customizable and comes with many video cards.

The Mac Pro is excellent because the new version is more compact than every before. All of these features mean that carrying out tasks like running your digital audio workstation (DAW) will be much quicker than it normally would be when done on a normal computer.


The Mac Pro is by far the best Mac for music production. Even though it’s fairly costly, the performance is absolutely excellent. It comes in a relatively compact design but is a bit of a powerhouse when it comes to performance. It performs efficiently and doesn’t overheat. This is important considering it’ll be carrying out energy-draining tasks normally associated with music production. These are the reasons that I’ll always go for the Mac Pro over any other Macs when I try to produce my music.

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