Are Beats Headphones Good?

We go through our honest opinion on Beats headphones.If you’ve been alive over the past few years then surely you’ve seen a lot of young people wearing very flashy looking headphones. Beats by Dre is one of those brands that have started this new trend of premium high-end headphones. Formed as a part of Monster and later separated, this brand tends to focus on the overall cool appearance of the headphones rather than what really matters – the sound quality.

Celebrity endorsements and similar clever marketing techniques have ensured that these products end up in almost every household all around the world.

But are Beats headphones good for listing to music? Do they deliver the sound quality that is to be expected by their price tag? This is a common question amongst music listeners as they look for their next pair of headphones and it is a question that we will be answering for you today (or trying to answer anyway)!

Are Beats Headphones Good for Normal Daily Activities?

We all know that Beats By Dre headphones cost an awful lot of money. However, is it worth spending this much for the quality they provide? Well, this will depend entirely on you as a person.

Personal experience and regular research tells me that the quality of these headphones is mediocre at best. The sound quality just doesn’t compare to some of the other audiophile-standard headphones that are available for a similar price. In my opinion, the sound quality provided by brands like AKG and Sennheiser is far greater than that provided by Beats by Dre.

I’m sure you came across relatively recent articles in the media stating how much it costs to make a pair of Beats headphones. This amount is little over 10 dollars but we end up paying almost 200 bucks for a single pair. This high price is simply due to a fashion trend and appearance rather than excellent overall quality.

We know that the headphones don’t sound brilliant but they can often be way too heavy on the bass as well. Even though some people love bass, the sound can be distorted when it reaches these frequencies. So basically, you’re going to be listening to bass that is of quite poor quality and it doesn’t really make you appreciate the music that you’re listening to.

In my opinion, if you’re not hearing the true quality of the music then what’s the point of buying these headphones.

Don’t get me wrong. Beats headphones look lovely but they’re just not that great in terms of the performance. I’ve seen a lot of people hating on this brand for many reasons and some of them are even unjust. However, essentially, these are headphones more suitable for a person that wants to obtain the social status that automatically comes with them. But for me, they’re just not good enough.


If you were to ask me if beats headphones are good for listening to music, working out or gaming, then I would probably say no. This is mainly because I’m not into spending a lot of money on something like headphones just because they look good.

For me, headphones must look decent but sound even better. For this reason, I would always stick with Sennheiser as their products provide the perfect balance of the characteristics that headphones should have.

Beats headphones look good but don’t sound great and are greatly overpriced. As a consequence of this, I’d rather spend less money on something that will provide me with a better sound quality.

However, if you’re someone who is focused on the image rather than the function then go for it. You might even like these headphones.

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